Relationship Advice Roundup

This is it. The final post. I can’t believe we made it. I will not get sentimental.

I thought what we’d do today is round up the GREATEST HITS from each of our guests. Of course, each guest gave more than one good piece of advice but I thought a summary would be a nice way to end our time together. We’ll reflect a little bit + celebrate a little bit. It’ll be kind of like a little sendoff for the blog. Put on your party hats!

Thanks to everyone who has followed along (yes, YOU). You’ve made my job a lot easier + it’s been so fun to hear how much y’all have loved this!

So without further ado, the final blog.

Nick + Megan Beckman

Daniel + Shannon

Micah + Ravyn

Stevie + Alex Hernandez

Patterson + Erin Tompkins

And that’s everyone! I sincerely hope that the couples + topics we’ve highlighted on this blog have been a blessing to you (as they have been to me) + that your mind was changed, challenged, or simply entertained by them. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this little adventure with me. Thank you thank you thank you for following along! I would say follow us on Instagram + tell us who or what you want to see on the blog but… we’re done! Let’s go eat some mini cupcakes or something.

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