Activities to Make the Most Out of Your Relationship in the City

Today I’ve compiled a list of activities to make the most out of your relationship while at King’s (which relationship? ANY RELATIONSHIP, lover, friend, or foe)! Being at TKC + in the city gives us some unique opportunities that not everyone else has + I wanted to make sure that I got in at least one post that gave you some good activities + not just stories + advice (though those are very good, too). So, thanks to recommendations from y’all, our featured couples, + a couple from me, here are:

Activities to Make the Most Our of Your Relationship in the City:


Pretty obvious but food is a great way to bond with people +, in the city, we have SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS! Below is a list of some of my favorites as well as those mentioned by our guests throughout the semester.

  • The Smith – a place special to the Beckmans + where they went after the got engaged
  • Miriam – the best Israeli food I’ve had since Israel
  • The River Café – where the Tompkins got engaged
  • Let’s Meat – amazing Korean barbecue. The truly blessed thing about Let’s Meat as opposed to other Korean bbq’s is that it’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant. You pay once + then get as much as you want (+ trust me, you will want). We’ve paid the same amount for one round of meat at another Korean bbq as we paid for MANY rounds at Let’s Meat. Truly the best, I can’t say enough.
  • Miss Lily’s – where Harrison + I went on our first date (which we talk about in this video)
  • Harry’s – where Harrison first met my parents shortly after we started dating + where this incredibly tragic photo series took place when I accidentally + very suddenly broke the news to my dad that I was dating someone (not my brightest moment but he was fine, I promise)
  • One follower suggested this fun game: choose a neighborhood ahead of time (but not a restaurant) + then walk around the area until you find something that you think looks enticing. What a cute way to get to know a neighborhood + be a little bit spontaneous!

And here’s some more *casual* options because we all know living in New York is EXPENSIVE:

  • Time’s Square waffles – the Hernandezes recommend this outing
  • Cannolis in Little Italy – the outing at which Patterson made it official with Erin. Local Little Italy expert Amelia Underhill suggests a visit to La Bella Ferrara Cafe for good-quality Italian pastries.
  • Double Crispy Bakery – where I got the best pork bun of my life
  • And honestly, ANYWHERE. Go make your own silly memories at janky places with the people you love. You’ll never regret it. And, one day when people are asking YOU these questions, you’ll have all of these memories at all of these places, expensive or cheap, + you’ll be able to give your own recommendations.

AND FINALLY, sometimes just eating out regardless of location is expensive, so we also recommend just going to the local farmer’s market or grocery store, picking up some ingredients, + making a homemade meal. Plus making food with people is such a bonding experience. So here are a couple of my go-to’s (+ I am a SCARY cook so if *I* can make these, so can you!):

Study/Coffee Dates.

This is my favorite type of date. One semester, my friend Eowyn + I made it our mission to go to one new coffee shop every Wednesday after class to study + we found SO MANY GEMS. Coffee + being productive are a great combo. Here are a couple of good places:

  • Ground Central – my go-to FiDi study location (before Covid [RIP]). It has lots of interior space with a large table on the ground level in case you come with all your friends + need somewhere for everyone to sit close together.
  • Sey Coffee – coffee queen Eowyn recommends this one
  • Happy Bones – another Eowyn suggestion
  • Think Coffee – this one comes highly suggested because of its proximity to trains. I’ve only ever been once but I also had food from here + it was very good, so an all around good option!
  • Wattle Cafe – this used to be Boundless Plains + was another FiDi favorite of mine!


New York is overflowing with an abundance of high-quality museums. And maybe it’s just the Museum Studies student in me, but I think museums are important + beautiful + make GREAT date spots. Who wouldn’t want to accidentally lock eyes with their crush while admiring William the Hippo from different sides of his display case? Here’s a couple of my faves:


Like a lot of other activities that Covid has made hard over the last year, movies are finally coming back! Sadly, the days of our wallet-saving MoviePass are gone (RIP) but going out every once in a while can’t hurt. I would’ve thrown live theater in this list as well, but as of right now, there’s not a lot of in-person stuff going on (fingers crossed it comes back so soon!). So in the meantime, here’s some cool movie theaters:

  • Angelika Film Center
  • Alamo Drafthouse – you can order actual food while you sit + enjoy a movie in a beautiful place. Imagine eating a burger + fries in a movie theater. Yeah, you can do that here.

Seasonal Activities.

The changing seasons can bring opportunities for different types of activities. Here’s a couple!


  • Picnics – in my humble opinion, one of the best activities for friends, family, or lovers. Pick a park, plan a picnic. One follower even suggested a ferry ride to the beach + a subsequent picnic which sounds delightful.


  • Ice skating – this was the Tompkins’ first date + now they’re married so there’s gotta be something to it
  • Christmas scavenger hunt – so hear me out. Pre-Covid, my friends + I had a tradition where every Christmas season, we would buy ugly Christmas sweaters + spend a day exploring all of New York in its holiday season glory. Every time – + yes, I mean every time – we would see a Christmas tree (or other large holiday spectacle [see below]), we had to stop + take a picture with it. The goal was to get as many photos as possible. It was tons of fun + I highly suggest other people trying a Christmas scavenger hunt!


Do you like animals. I do (if you haven’t yet figured that out). Since a lot of us aren’t in the position to take care of our own animals yet, another fun activity might be going to hang out someplace where you can love on some sweet babies for a little bit! Here’s a couple of ways:

  • Brooklyn Cat Cafe – for a fee you can go hang out with a horde of cats! To quote Bill Medley + Jennifer Warnes, I had the time of my life. (The cat in the picture is from here. His name is Koala + he likes to cause problems.)
  • Muddy Paws Rescue – I’ve never been, but this was recommended to me. You can volunteer here to hang out with some really sweet dogs!

The Nudge.

Of course, I’m not the sole authority on cool date ideas. I’m sure y’all have TONS that I’ve never even thought of + there are EVEN TONS MORE out there than none of us have! So let me introduce you to The Nudge. It’s a text service/app that sends you neat date ideas that you can do with whomever. Now you’ll never run out of neat activities to do in the city!

This list could indefinitely be extended but I’ll leave it there for now. Let us know what your favorite dates/activities are in the city +, as always, follow us on Instagram + let us know who or what you wanna see on the blog! (P.S. do it soon because we’re almost at the end of the semester!)

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