10 Relationship Influencers to Follow

Hi friends! Short post today. Here are 10 influencers that have been impactful to me. Some of these people don’t exclusively talk about relationships (+ some don’t even do it explicitly!), but all are examples of the types of relationships that I hope to have in my life.

And note: for most of these people, it’s not just they themselves that have influenced me (a lot of the people listed in this post are young, I realize that), but it’s oftentimes the people that they invite onto their channel/podcast/et cetera as well.

Anyway, here they are + I hope that you find someone new on this list that you love!

10 Relationship Influencers to Follow

Tori + Chad Masters (YouTube, Podcast, + Instagram [Tori] [Chad])

Tori + Chad are incredibly charismatic, funny, + wise. They do a lot of relationship videos + they’ve actually changed my mind about a couple of topics! Love them.

Flying the Nest (YouTube, Podcast, + Instagram [Stephen] [Jess])

Flying the Nest is a couple travel channel (they now have a baby girl, too!) created by Stephen + Jess Parry Valentine. I just adore watching their videos + seeing how positive, supportive, + humorous their relationship is. They also have an incredible family. They are my FAVORITE YOUTUBERS.

Sadie Robertson Huff (YouTube, Podcast, + Instagram)

You might recognize Sadie from Duck Dynasty, but since then, she’s been up to a lot. Sadie is now married with a baby on the way + is a speaker, author, + founder of the brand Live Original. I wasn’t sure about her at first (I never had any desire to watch Duck Dynasty), but she’s actually amazing + so are the speakers she has on her podcast!

Taylor Tippett (YouTube + Instagram)

Taylor is one of my FAVORITE influencers! She’s so sweet + quirky + she has a really cute dog (NAMED HOWDY). She’s a flight attendant who created the sensation Words From the Windowseat (so if you’ve ever seen a pic on Pinterest or Insta of an inspirational quote on an airplane window, she’s probably the one who put it there). Taylor talks about a lot of subjects on her Insta + YouTube + recently got engaged. I love her content A LOT. Maybe my all-around favorite on this list. She just wrote a book + you better BELIEVE I’ll be ordering that.

Ann Voskamp (Website + Instagram)

I read Ann’s book One Thousand Gifts + knew I had to follow her. She has such a unique voice + I LOVE watching + reading her content. She talks about all types of things but I think her relationship with her husband is especially special.

Allison Bickerstaff (YouTube + Instagram)

Allison is a YouTuber + is maybe one of the sweetest people in the world. She has created such a comforting, positive, beautiful space on her YouTube + I love to watch her videos! She + her husband are adorable + they just got a new rescue puppy who is even more adorable.

Chelsea + Nick Hurst (YouTube, Podcast, + Instagram [Chelsea] [Nick])

Chelsea + Nick are a married couple (with a baby on the way) who have a podcast + YouTube channel (+ they also have a really cute dog)! The guests that they have on their podcast are wonderful + range in occupation + place in life. I think their podcast is one of the best if you’re looking for a whole range of different topics.

Michelle Reed (YouTube, Podcast, + Instagram)

TKC’s very own. I found Michelle when I came to King’s + I’ve loved watching how she + her videos have matured + evolved over time. She’s a great person to watch + listen to for a variety of topics including relationship advice.

Adventure Us (YouTube, Instagram [Max] [Bonnie Kate])

I first found out about Max + Bonnie Kate Zoghbi when they spoke at a youth rally that I attended. Their story is incredible (it involves the 2012 Aurora, CO movie theater shooting) + I highly suggest you check them out. They’re a beautiful example of how to live gracefully despite life-altering events, fear, + pain.

Jessi Afshin (Podcast + Instagram)

Jessi is the owner of the brand My Darling Diary + recently opened up about her transformation in the fashion industry, her journey as a single woman, + her first relationship after four years. She’s so sweet + the content that My Darling Diary puts out is beautiful!

And that’s all 10! Let me know who some of your favorites are + as always, follow us on Instagram + let us know who or what you want to see on the blog!

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