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How To Fall in Love According to the Beckmans

Or is it Beckmen?*

*awful joke, my bad, bad way to start a post

Today we have our first King’s couple to guide us through a How-To of sorts! These are two people that – when I came to TKC – I admired greatly + I think you will as well. I feel sentimental + OLD in ways that I have no right to be when I realize that when I met them, they were dating, + then I watched them get engaged, married, + have their first child. Time is not real. Anyway, I’m very honored that they were willing to assist me in this little project (seriously guys, if you ever read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH), + I’m so excited to share part of their story + some of their nuggets of wisdom with y’all! (+ some more of their advice might be popping up in later posts as well, so if you like what you see here, prepare yourself.)

Meet Nick + Megan Beckman.

Graduation Year: 2019

Majors: MCA (both)

Houses: Bonhoeffer + Barton (respectively)

Total relationship length (so far): 5.5 years

(sweet bébé is cropped out for what I feel are obvious reasons, sorry Daniel!)

I asked them to tell me a bit about their story, what they thought of dating at King’s, + their experiences + advice on relationships in general. After hearing what they had to say, I present to you:

A How-To Manual on Falling in Love Beckman Style:

  1. Meet on the first day of soccer preseason circa 2015
  2. Become friends, then study buddies
  3. Attend the King’s Disney-themed Halloween party together + (this is crucial) dress like Buzz + Woody from Toy Story
  4. Go on your first date at an Indian restaurant in Queens, followed by watching cats play in some park trees + stargazing + talking (+ smoochin’!)
  5. Date for approximately 2.5(ish) years + fill it with coffee + Arts + Ideas study dates in the library + nights at White Horse (iykyk), walking the streets of NYC + class Met trips + fun
  6. Get engaged the summer before your senior year of college (+ HAVE INFINITY SONG SING YOU THEIR RENDITION OF “ENDS OF THE EARTH” BY LORD HURON)
  7. Proceed to get pooped on by a bird while waiting for a table at a favorite restaurant (The Smith) to celebrate said engagement
  8. Get married the summer after your senior year of college

Congrats! You have now successfully fallen in love Beckman style! Of course, their story doesn’t end there, but hopefully by the time you’re married, you’ve fallen in love. (But for your sake – because I know you’re wondering – the Beckmans moved out of the city about a year ago + are currently living in Virginia with their sweet baby Daniel + a very fluffy dog named May.)

“But wait,” you say, “Not everyone can fall in love exactly like the Beckmans, right?”

How true! Lucky for you, not only did I get their love story, I got some more general wisdom from them concerning how to love + love well. Maybe this how-to list will be a little easier to follow. Here, in their own words, is Nick + Megan’s advice on making the most out of your life + love in all seasons:

A How-To Manual on Living + Loving Well by the Beckmans:

How to Make the Most Out of Life During SINGLENESS:

  • Focus on your growth + loving the people around you. There’s a time for everything.
  • Don’t “go get a partner.” The right person will show themselves when the time is right.

How to Make the Most Out of Your RELATIONSHIP:

  • Don’t miss the opportunities + experiences that the city + King’s offer you because you’re in a relationship. A lot of really important moments of growth happened for us individually in moments where we pursued things independent of one another. It only made our relationship stronger for each of us individually to pursue our own growth – especially during our season of dating.
  • I know right now it feels like you’ve got the weight of the whole world on your shoulders, King’s especially makes life feel that way sometimes, but everything in life isn’t always that serious. Sometimes you’ve just GOT TO LAUGH! The days where we’re at our best, the days we remember the most, are the days we don’t have a care in the world + we’re just being Nick + Megan in this big, glorious world.

How to Make the Most Out of Your MARRIAGE:

  • At our wedding, Nick’s grandpa told us to “Always try to give 60%. Don’t expect it to be 50/50 all the time, because it’s just not. A total of 120% giving is better anyway!”
  • The most important thing is always choosing the other person + having the patience + empathy to hear their heart + their experience. (Megan)
  • Meeting in the middle doesn’t work every time, sometimes just conceding + trusting that the other knows what to do is the best + healthiest way to go. (Nick)

I asked the Beckmans if they had any last thoughts regarding anything we’d discussed + this is what they said. I think it’s beautifully emblematic of their love + who they are, + hearing these words makes me so thankful to have known them even if just for a little bit (+ from afar) + so so thankful that they are sharing their wisdom with us. We are at such a beautiful time in our lives + I hope we are prudent enough to hear these words + brave enough to believe them.

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